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Here is what a few of our customers say about EFTsure


“Ensuring accuracy of payment information is very important to us. EFTsure’s 3rd party validation of bank account details mitigates the risk of collusion that could result in fraud.” 

Oliver Lefevre

"We use EFTsure because it gives us peace of mind and extra confidence that we are paying who we intend to pay, eliminating risks and providing 3rd party validation."

Parag Shah

“As Team Leader, EFTsure is an assurance product that gives me confidence and peace of mind that I have done all our due diligence before a payment is made.”

Rahul Bhargava

"Breakthru People Solutions uses EFTsure to close some risk gaps in bank detail validation and adding some extra strength to our internal control environment"

Duncan Stewart


Case Studies

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Camden Council
Tyndale Christian School
St Johns Ambulance