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To help protect all businesses during these challenging times, we’ve launched a feature of our solution as a free service called Check Who You’re Paying.

This service allows you in a few easy clicks to check who you’re paying, before you pay them.

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eftsure protects your organisation from payments fraud and errors when it is harder than ever to do so.

eftsure brings financial controls to the digital age with automated payment verification, secure vendor management and continuous compliance monitoring.

Banks don't match Payee Names with BSB and Account Numbers.

This means your organisation could be living with a high level of fraud and error risk from incorrect payment details. For example if you authorise a payment of 5500 to ABC Traders PTY LTD but the BSB and Account Number is for an account that does not belong to ABC Traders the funds will go to the wrong account even though the name displayed on your online banking is correct.

With eftsure you don’t have to live with that risk. In the new digital world eftsure assists forward-thinking companies in maintaining watertight payment systems.

If you want to be seen as a leader in your industry and protecting your finances from fraud and error become eftsure accredited.

Automate Payment Checking & Supplier Verification at On-boarding with our “Know Your Payee™” Solution


Vendor Management

Supplier bank account verification, on-boarding and more...


Payment Protection

Payment protection for fraud, error, duplicates, out of range payments & more...



Automating ABN, GST, TPRS, compliance and more...

Sub 2hr implementation

Browser based, no integration required

Minimal change to workflow and simple to use