Supplier Information

Why did I receive an email from my customer?

This is because EFTsure has been authorised to perform supplier verification on behalf of your Customer.

This process reaches out to all of your Customer’s suppliers, is a procedural request and is not related to a specific invoice or payment. Should you wish to further validate legitimacy of this request, you may contact the accounts department of your customer directly.

The process only takes a couple of minutes, is very simple to complete and helps ensure that payments intended for you arrive in your account.

Please contact for further information or if you have any queries or concerns.

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Payment Protection

PAYsure is the component of EFTsure that matches Payee Names with BSB and Account Numbers, something that banks don’t do. This ensures that the party you intend to pay, actually receives it. It does this in real time, alerts you to anomalies, and reduces the risk of fraud and error prior to your bank releasing your funds for payment. It also warns against out of range payments and duplicate payments.

ABA payment files are text files and are therefore editable, exposing your business to the risk of fraud - alongside this, PAYsure offers GST and ABN status checks on parties that payments are made to.

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Real-time alerts on your actual bank screen
Matches Payee Names with BSB & Account Numbers
ABN & GST status checks
Out of range & duplicate payments

Reduce the risk of fraud and error prior to your bank releasing your funds for payment

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Schedule a demo with Ian Mirels

EFTsure’s CEO & Co-Founder

Ian is a Chartered Accountant (CA) and has had extensive exposure to the implementation of financial software applications, payment processes and internal controls in the life cycle of the payment process.

Schedule a demo with Ed Elliff

EFTsure General Manager

Ed's IT career spans 35 years and 4 continents, from start-ups to regional carriers managing software development, presales, consulting, managed services and marketing teams. Ed's focus since 2000 has been on sales management, business development strategy and execution across Asia Pacific.

Schedule a demo with Bill Willcocks

EFTsure Business Manager Queensland & Northern Territory

Bill is based in Brisbane and has a background in Financial Services and Procurement. Having worked extensively with Corporate Clients, Local Government, Government Agencies, Not-for-Profit and Indigenous Organisations, Bill has a clear understanding of the risks associated with the payments process.

Schedule a demo with Calvin Woo

EFTsure Business Development Manager

Calvin has over 14 years of business development and consulting experience from large organisations including American Express and Equifax to running successful businesses within the IT and hospitality sector. He has provided extensive consultations around financial risk mitigation strategies to a large number of ASX 200 and SME’s. He prides himself in solving the best possible solution for his clients.


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