State of Cyber Fraud Defence 2023

Insights from over 500+ finance professionals

Finance leaders reveal new cyber fears – and potential vulnerabilities

Cybercrime continues to rise around the globe and an organisation's finance team is often the primary target. While companies try to protect themselves on top of their day-to-day work, cybercriminals have unlimited time and resources to keep trying to find the cracks. 

That’s why, in partnership with BrandHook, Eftsure sought to understand exactly how finance professionals are approaching this landscape. We surveyed over 500 finance leaders from companies across Australia and New Zealand, distilling critical takeaways in a comprehensive report.  

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believe cybercrime is rising

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are unsure who owns digital fraud prevention

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use dedicated fraud prevention technology

What's in the report

In this landmark research, we cover:

  • The evolving cybercrime threat landscape
  • How finance teams are thinking about cybercrime and what they see as their biggest threats
  • Which anti-fraud defences finance teams are using and how they plan to invest in the future
  • Recommendations for stronger, more efficient defences