Your information being correct is critical to you getting paid accurately and on time.

eftsure works with suppliers to ensure there are no errors in your information when errors, fraud and changes happen in accounts departments.

You benefit when you confirm your details are correct by verifying them with eftsure – ensuring payments intended for you reach you and not someone else. This also demonstrates to anyone that makes payments to you that you are part of the community of businesses committed to solving an important issue facing all businesses in Australia.

Step 1

Supplier details

Step 2

eftsure verified

Step 3

Get paid

Why did I receive an email from my customer?

This is because eftsure has been authorised to perform supplier verification on behalf of your Customer.

This process reaches out to all of your Customer’s suppliers, is a procedural request and is not related to a specific invoice or payment. Should you wish to further validate legitimacy of this request, contact the accounts department of your customer directly.

Get verified.

Get Paid

Start the process now.

It only takes a couple of minutes and is very simple to complete. Please contact for further information or if you have any queries or concerns.

Supplier verification

What happens if I don’t go through the eftsure process?

If a supplier doesn’t want to provide their information and go through the eftsure process then depending on the customer protocol, the following alternatives may occur:

If you are interested in using eftsure for your own accounts department to check your own payees, schedule a demo to find out more.