Vendor Relationship Management

Simplify the onboarding of new vendors and automate ongoing data collection and verification.

What is KYP Vendor Management?

Whenever you establish a new relationship with a vendor it is necessary to collect and maintain data on the entity. Ensuring continuous accuracy of the data is essential to protect your organisation against the consequences of error or non compliance.

EFTsure ensures you Know Your Payee and improves workflow effeciency.

Collecting, managing and maintaining vendor data can be time consuming and often involves manual processes.

EFTsure's Vendor Relationship Management solution streamlines Vendor information management by  collecting and storing data digitally and uses independant third party data verification to ensure accuracy.

Your organisation decides what Vendor information it requires to collect and maintain and EFTsure enables the vendor to provide and maintain it digitally. The Payee profile is supported by external data sources in order to complete a broad and accurate picture of your payee relationships.

EFTsure's Vendor Relationship Management solution enables your organisation to replace a manual Vendor Onboarding Form with a digital form with a choice of fields to be completed by the vendor.

EFTsure automatically completes fields where possible and verifies the data against our Independant Know Your Payee database, for accuracy and simplicity.

The collected vendor data can then be imported into your AP or HR systems without the need for manual data entry.  


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