Vendor Master File Health Check

The first step to an error and fraud-free Vendor Master File is discovering how healthy your Vendor Master File is. The VENDORsure component allows eftsure to run a Comprehensive Verification Report on your Vendor Master File. This provides you with a Risk & Error Scorecard to show the accuracy of your client data. This snapshot of a constantly changing database might surprise you.

Step 1

Upload your VMF (supplier data)

Step 2

Cross verified with eftsure's unique crowed-sourced database

Step 3

Receive Your Risk Scorecard (Average 25% Anomaly Rate)

Nervous that there might be a 25% anomaly rate in your Vendor Master File that your accounts department doesn’t know about?

Supplier on boarding

VENDORsure is also the component of eftsure that allows suppliers’ details to be on-boarded to an organisation’s Vendor Master File quicker and with less errors than legacy processes. It ensures that the data is independently verified by eftsure. It also ensures that once on-boarded, accounts departments are notified of any changes to supplier data details in real time.

eftsure is a more efficient and effective way of managing data, and getting the data on boarded to the Vendor Master File correctly, quickly and without errors in the first place.

Do you want to save time, money and be more accurate with your supplier on-boarding?